A Year Later

It is now been a year since the mayor of San Francisco tried to force the issue same-sex marriage. People on both sides of this issue are marking the anniversary. Both sides are more then happy to call themselves right.

When I first moved to California I did not support same-sex marriage. I had only been here a few months when prop 22 was on the ballot. At first I day that I changed my mind because of issue fatigue. I thought that gay marriage was pure distraction politics. It was just something to keep our mind off the important issues politicians do not want to deal with.

Since then I have come to support same-sex marriage on a more serious stance. I think we are really denying freedom to same-sex couples by not letting them marry. Under the rule of law I feel there is no reason not to have same-sex marriage.

I think the change in my opinion happened because I know more gay people living here. Knowing people in my day to day life, there is no way I could look them in the eye and tell them they cannot be married.

If I could say one thing to the Gay communities of America it would be: Get married anyway. Don't wait for the state to catch up with you. Live as spouses, start families, and don't let a piece of paper be that important.

Marriage was not invented by the government, don't let them define it. I think it is time to go back to the citizens. People's hearts and minds have to be won in a house to house struggle. If that is done it will be a matter of time before the state comes around.

Now is the time for individuals to stand up and declare: "I Recognize Same-Sex Marriage!"


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