Activist Judges or Checks & Balances

I am very suspicious of anyone who rails against activist judges. I do not trust their vision of America. I think they do not understand our democracy. Getting rid of 'Activist Judges' is getting rid of a major set of checks & balances.

I was Dr. Richard Land on Meet the Press today and he drove me crazy. Tim Russert made the point that the judges that made the Terri Schiavo were all republicans. After that Dr. Land still railed against activist judges. Here is some of what he said:

And I, like many other Americans, feel that the courts decided to give the back of their hand to the Congress of the United States, and decided--they did not decide on those issues; they decided on a very strict process review. And I think I speak for millions of Americans who feel that the legal system in this country is broken when there cannot be a better adjudication of this case, a better hearing of this case, a better review of this case that takes into account the special circumstances of this case. And I think millions of Americans--and I certainly would number myself among them--are shocked that parents have so few rights in this case and have had so little ability to get a hearing.

This guy and his mindset scares the living hell. I do not want to get in the way of judges. I think it would be too easy to unbalance our nation. I am worried what the effect of this would be.


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