Back from the DL

I just got my laptop back from Apple. It seems to be working okay now, but I am having a hard time connecting to wireless networks. If I keep having a hard time I will have to call Apple again.

Now that I have my laptop back I have no excuses. I have to start writing. I have to keep my weblog up to date. I have to get current on the lettets and e-mail that I have not been writing. I have the time and the laptop. Now all I need to get is the modivation.

I feel really spoiled. I need my laptop to get any writing done. I need to be portable to do what I really want to do. That is a bunch of crap. I should be able to write with pen and paper. I should be able to write with any of the other computers in my life. I should try to detach myself from the idea that my iBook is special.


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