United States of Islam

I stumbled along a website for United States of Islam. It is an interesting art project. I am a fan of anyone who uses currency as art. I think it is an amazing symbol to manipulate. Currency is so important to every culture.

Looking at it I wonder if the artist misses the point a little. He is making a comment about there not being great women if the women are covered up. He is saying that public identity and great works are connected.

The problem is that he has Saddam Hussein on the money. Saddam was not famous for making women cover. In the Muslim world, he was a secularist. Shouldn't the front of one of these bills be The Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia or Osama Bin Laden?

In the end I think this artist fails. It is too easy to discount the message because it seems like he does not know what he is talking about. I like the idea but I wish it was better executed.


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