About my Father

Right now my father is lying in his hospital bed waiting for his surgery. I want to take a picture of my father in the hospital. I want to remember what he looks like right now. The problem is that I know he would not want his picture taken. He is not a vain man, but there is something about being in a hospital that makes a person feel vulnerable. I am not sure I would want my picture taken either.

I am not even sure he would want me to write about him. I am writing because it is important to me. I have not asked anyone else in the family how they feel about me writing about Dad in my blog. I do not want to start that fight.

Today he looked a lot better. His color was good and he seemed in a good mood. I think this is a good sign. It is important that he have a positive attitude before the surgery.

Now we all just have to wait. Waiting can be hard. Time right is a hard idea. Tomorrow, in the waiting room it will be an even harder idea. All I can do right now is list live with it.


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