I was visiting with Angela-la-la. She was giving a hard time for asking someone else to find a women for me to fall in love with. Angela told me that is not something another person can do for you.

I guess I was not clear on my point. The only two things I can see that would move me out of San Jose are a job I could not refuse and being in love. I am not sure what that job is. I have a great job at TiVo. How many other jobs out there could I get paid for watching TV? How many jobs would give me a chance to use new consumer electronic toys all the time? Someone could back a big truck of money to my apartment or offer me a job doing something people should not get paid to do, but I do not see that happen anytime soon.

If I was in love with someone, I could not have a long distance relationship. I would have to be in the same city as them. I am past the point in my life where I can make myself wait on love. If I meet a woman and I feel in love, I would want to be close to her.

That is why one way some one could get me to move back to Philadelphia is find me a women to fall in love with.


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