Driving a Stick

I was talking to a friend about cars. I told him that I have been thinking about getting a manual transmission in my next car. He told me that he would not do it. My friend is a single man, living alone, with no family in the area like I am. The problem is that owning a stick implies having a safety net. He hurt his knee a few years ago. He would have been stuck if he had a stick. It is much easier to work around something if your car is not a stick.

I have friends that swear by driving a stick. Without a stick they think you are just steering your car. They say that driving is too boring without a stick. All of these people have other people to help them if they need it. I have owned a car with a stick in the past. It was not that much more fun.

The last time I had a stick had toe surgery. I had to drive my father's car while I recovered. If I owned a car with manual transmission now I would not have that option. I would have to look to my friends to help get me around. It would be easier to just own an automatic and not worry about it.


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