The Line

Everyone has a line and I feel mine is far on the side free markets and business freedom. I give businesses lots of leeway in their actions. There are some places where I still have to draw a line. I can say that Apple has crossed that line by retaliating over the new Steve Jobs Biography. The Apple store have stopped carrying books by Wiley after the company published, iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business.

I think this crosses the line because I think it puts free speech in danger. It would be okay if the Apple Stores did not want to carry this book. Once they will not carry any books by that publisher the retailer is abusing their power. They are telling all publishers not to publish any books that Apple does not like. They are telling publishers that they can lose sales if they are not careful. Apple is trying to use the Apple Stores to force a publisher drop this author and this book.

Apple fans should be outraged by this. I expect more from a company like Apple. I do not expect them to have a frail ego. If the book is untrue, sue the author. This is the wrong message for Apple to send. This stands against free speech. I am not sure this is a company I want to keep doing business with.


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