One hell of a month so far....

My father is in good enough shape that I feel okay going back to San Jose. I will not be changing my flight. This is a good sign. I am happy that I have here for my father and my family. I know that I would never got anything done at work last week. It has been good to be here. I know that the support has helped my family.

My dad is recovering from the surgery. Now the hard work is in front of him. He has to do lots of rehab now. If he does that rehab he will be a lot better then he was before. I have been trying encourage him to do all the rehab. It is good to see him sharp and alert.

While I have been here, the father of an old friend passed away. It was a total surprise. No one knew that there was anything wrote with him. He died the same night that I was having dinner with my friend.

This clogged up my head for a few days. At this time I would go to visit my father and he would be breathing with a ventilator. I could not talk with my father and my friend had lost her's. Both of these things made my heart sink.

By the end of the week, all I could think is that I am here in Pennsylvania for a reason. I am not someone who usually thinks God micro-manages the world. I do not usually think there are reasons for things to happen. I have not been able to shake that feeling.

Now I am on my way back to San Jose with a headful of ideas. I am thinking about family, friends, religion, money, health, meaning, work, and life. It is a lot to deal with. In some ways I feel that I have moved out west so I did not have to deal with some of these issues. Seeing the last week of my life I know that I cannot let these issues go. I just have to figure out how to deal with these issues when I am in San Jose.


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