It is here and I am so happy. I have the first album of 2005 that I just cannot stop listening to. The Decemberists Picaresque haunts me day and night. I hear the album and the songs just buzz around my head for hours. I have listened to it a bunch so far and I just want to listen to it more. The songs have levels and levels and levels to go through. Great lyrics and unforgettable melodies are at the core of this album.

I hold up this album because it excites me. It is great to buy a new album and it be better then I expected it to be. I listen to a lot of music. There is a lot of good music out there. It is always good when an album is a cut above. I would tell any of my friends who like Indie Rock to buy this album. It is worth every penny.

PS. If you subscribe to eMusic, this is available for download.


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