My has smell like nicotine. Whenever I come home my hands smell like nicotine. I drive my father's car when I come home. Dad has always used his cars as a place to smoke pipes and cigars. He has not smoked in his house for almost 20 years. I will have to be home a few days before the smell is no longer on my hands.

I wonder how dad will take to no longer being able to smoke. I told him that he has to get better so I can visit him under better conditions. I wonder if he will really give up cigars and pipes. They have been part of his life for such a long time. He has not smoked since he has been in the hospital, but it is hard to see what will happen when he gets out.

When I smell my hands I think of my father. I think of driving with him as he smoked. I never took up smoking, but pipes and cigars will always make me think of him.


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