The Surgery

My father had the surgery today. We sat and waited for what seemed like forever to get the news of how it went. Today I learned about hospital time. That is the idea that you are told something will be done in 30 minutes and it takes three hours. We sat all day to find out the results.

Every hour or so the hospital patient relations rep gave us updates. She painted a good picture for us with every update. The mood was pretty light. We were confident that dad was going to get through it.

In some way it was fun to hang out with my family. I like my family as people. I like to hang out with them. We spent the whole day sitting around the waiting room talking. Since we did not have anything to do but wait we were free to do nothing. We spent a lot of time telling jokes and funny stories. I know that my family would rather do this under other circumstances, but it was still fun.

After many hours waiting the surgeon came out and told us that Dad came through the surgery well. He said that Dad’s prognosis is good. The recovery time and rehab time is critical. We will have to wait to see how successful the surgery was. For now everything looks good. This is a huge relief to the family. Now is the hard work. We have to help Dad get better from here.


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