That is going to cost you!

It has been announced that baseball commissioner Bug Selig has sent a letter to the head of the baseball union, Donald Fehr tooking to increase penlities. I player would get a 50-game suspension for first steroid offense. A third offense would get a lifetime ban. I am not sure if it would be a Pete Rose style or Steve Howe style lifetime ban.

At first glance you would think there is no way Bud Selig could get the union to agree to this. They are the most powerful sports union in the nation. It is important to know if there was anything written on the envelope the letter came in. Maybe the envelope said "This plan is the only way we can keep congress from forcing is to use the US Anti-Doping Agency." That might be the one thing that gets the players to agree to this. I have a hard time seeing pro baseball players put up with USADA.


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