Closing down the old air station

Over the last few days there have been many news reports about the next round of Pentagon proposed base closing. This takes me back a little. My first job out of college was at The Naval Air Warfare Center in Warminster, PA. I was there on a decommissioning contract. I can say that all the bases on the list are in for a strange ride.

I heard on Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Friday that the 1991 round saved 6.2 billion but cost 6.5 billion. Having seen a base closed down first hand, I can understand why that is. It might save the military money in the very long run, but there are so many rules for base closings. I would think this round of base closing will be no different.

Looking at the list, one thing pops out to me. This round of base closing is really about the planned Force Transformation. Closing down these bases means you are removing a level of defending the U.S. domestically. By moving the military to fewer large bases, we are building a force that is focused on being deployed oversees. I know that people say that it is better to fight the war on terror abroad, but I am not sure the best idea for that is to weaken out defenses here.

There will be years of comment on this list. There will be years of news stories and lawmakers promising to fight the closing. With all of these comments, news stories, and speeches, I would not expect the list to change. Most of these bases really will close down. Once these bases close down they will be gone for good.


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