iPod Shuffle Review - 24 hours

I got my iPod Shuffle in the mail yesterday. Thank goodness for TiVo Rewards points. I did not have to pay for it. I just had to convince three of my friends to buy and activate TiVo DVRs.

I have had my iPod Shuffle for 24 hours now. I am very pleased with it. I remember being amazed by it when I saw it in the store. Now I have one, it is even more amazing. It is so small and light, but it sounds really good.

I remember when it came out there were lots of Apple detractors that said that it needs a display and that Apple was making a mistake. Having one just confirms my thought that Apple made the right choice. Having a display on the iPod Shuffle would ruin the form factor. It is so small and so sleek, adding anything else would be a mistake. Even an extra hundreds of an inch would make the product less then it is now. The dimension in inches are 3.3 x 0.98 x 0.33.

It is only .78 ounces. That is really small. It is so light that I do not even feel it around my neck when I wear the lanyard. This is what I want out of a flash MP3 player.

I have the 512 MB version. I think for music this might be better then the 1 GB version. I do not expect to get through all 512 MB at any one time. That is a lot of music. It is not really a music jukebox like a regular iPod. The only thing that is better about the 1 GB version is that I could use 512 MB for music and the rest as a thumb drive.

The iPod Shuffle will update your play count in iTunes, but not your last played date. The iPod Shuffle does not have an internal clock. I can see why apple made this choice. A clock would take away battery life and add cost and weight. It is good for the most part. Not having a clock does provide for two drawbacks.

The first is that web sites like Audioscrobbler do not work. Audioscrobbler is a site that allows you to show your friends what you have been listening to. It allows you to track what bands and what songs you have been listening to the most. It also gives you a weekly top 10 for both. This service needs a playback time to accept the submission. It is a good way to keep people from gaming the system. With the iPod Shuffle it does not keep track when you played the song, that means you cannot update your Audioscrobbler account. I would suspect that there are also other sites or services that have the same problem.

The second problem is that is it hard to identify songs that are not familiar. I like using my iPod to listen to songs in my collection that I have never hear before. The problem is if I hear a song that is really good, there is no way for me to know what that song is. There is no display and no recently played list for me to look at when I get back to my computer. This is going to effect what kind of songs I play on my iPod Shuffle.

I would still say that my iPod Shuffle is amazing. I look forward to using it over the next several months and telling you what I think.


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