It is like SATs for what you had done with your life

Someone on live journal posted the New York Times Graphic Class Worksheet. I find to be an interesting tool. I hear lots of politicians and pundits talk about class in America, but I rarely hear everyday people talk about it in their own live. It is sometimes hard to figure out where you fit without doing the math. This chart helps you do the math.

I ended up in the 60th percentile. I am not sure I buy this because of living in Silicon Valley. To start off my job is not listed here. I am most comfortable picking Other Business Operations Specialist. The only part of customer support listed is customer support rep. I know that my job is more then that. My salary is inflated because I live in Silicon Valley. I do not think there is another area in America where I could demand the same pay.

I have lots of friends who see themselves as middle class who I do not think are middle class. My guess is that they are higher up the scale then they think they are. I know that Silicon Valley is Cuckoo Bananas Land when it comes to money and class. Between real estate, stock options, really competitive salaries, and a high cost of living class is a hard thing to gage. It is also hard when there are so many rich and super-rich people around you. When there are as many BMWs and Benz in the parking lot as Toyotas and Hondas it is easy to see yourself at the bottom.

There is one part of the graph that shows how families moved over a decade. This relates to people who think that they can improve themselves with hard work. From that graph you can see that some people move and other people do not. The question would be is it their hardwork that made them succeed or something more like luck?

So, what percentile are you?


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