New Jedi Order

I know a wise man who lives in the desert. He often sees truth that we hold away from ourselves. I feel smarter for knowing him. Here is what Sluk has to say about the Jedi order.

So I've had a star wars frenzy last week. I saw episode III and rented episode V and VI. I have made the following observations.

Luke defies obi-one and yoda and he was right both times!

Yoda says "stay and finnish your training you must". Luke says fuck that! first learn the way of grammar then you can teach me the force Grover. My friends are in trouble and I could care less for the force - if it helps me fine, but I'm not going to betray my friends for it. Luke is not pretentious he wants power but its not more important then his own personal code of honor, that of loyalty to his friends.

Obi-one tells Luke you have to kill your father. Fuck off St. Francis I'm not killing my own father. None of that "once you walk down the dark path never to return are you, lost will you be" for Luke. . Obi-one said that Vader was mostly machine now, but Luke defies him and naively believes his father is good inside. He was right! Nothing is more powerful then love and loyalty - more important then the force are they.

Luke saved the Jedi by surpassing them.

Luke combines the discipline of the light side of the force with the impulsive rebeliousness of the dark side of the force and the result is a more balanced synthesis. The Grey Order of Jedi is Born! Without anger there could be no resistance to the empire to begin with. Thats where Leia and Han Solo come in. They are angry at the injustice of the empire.

I wonder if George Lucas knows this? My guess is that he does not.


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