Photos again

At the Flickr meetup I meet Pinhole. I told him that I like digital photography because I do not have to pay for my mistakes. I hate getting a role of pictures back from the developer and half of them be no good. It is just too expensive.

Pinhole told me when he took 500 pictured a year he liked about 100 of them. When he started to take 1000 pictures a year he still liked only about 100 of them. Now that he takes more then 10000 pictures a year, he still finds that there are only 100 that he really likes.

I can understand what he is saying. It is a combination of experimenting more with pictures, having already taken some pictures, and not being satisfied with taking the same pictures over and over again. I understand how fewer pictures will please you when you take more.

The problem because one of photo management. You still have to go through all those photos. I have the time to take the pictures. I just do not have the time or inclination to do anything with them after I take the pictures. I wonder if it would be better to take fewer pictures and like a higher percentage.


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