Soul of a writer

I was having a conversation with a friend. We were being typical men, talking about which women we find attractive. We were being pigs, but it was only the two of us. It is only natural for men to talk this way every once in a while. We were talking about what the woman would be like in bed. He mentioned one women and I said:

If whispered anything like 'lets get out the handcuffs and see what happens.' She would be out of bed, out the door, and driving her Corolla home before you could finish the sentence.

My friend told me that I have a soul of a writer and I need to get that line into next year's nano novel. I feel that this is a complement, but I am not sure I deserve it. Just thinking of lines like this does not make me able to write. Maybe he is right, I have the soul of a writer, but little else.


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