Star Wars

I saw Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith last weekend. It has been sticking in my head like the cold I have been trying to fight off. I think I can sum up how I feel about the whole prequel trilogy with one seen in Episode III. There is a Scene were Obi-Wan and Anakin are stuck in a force field. Obi-Wan says "How did this happen? We are smarter then this." At that moment I felt that Obi-Wan was talking about Star Wars fans and George Lukas is the person who stuck us in the force field.

While Episode III is the best movie of the prequel trilogy. There is a lot of visual wonder and amazing action. The dialog is really bad at points. The movie is worth the money because our standards have already been set so low. Compared to Episodes I and II it is not a bad movie.

In the end it is a disappointment in the end. It just reminds you of how poorly constructed the story of the prequel trilogy and how it does not hold up. When I left the movie frustrated at the story I had just been told. George Lucas had to shove so much into Episode III that nothing gets developed. There is little time to really explore the meaning of these titanic events.

Watching Episode III makes me hate Episode I all the more. If the story in that movie worked better, the story in Episode III would not feel so rushed. The pod race scene and Jar Jar on the battle field are worth nothing now.

What George Lucas has done to Star Wars feels like a waste. It is like living in a small town and there is a guy there that has a famous cool car. After having this car for so long, the guy puts in a smaller engine and paints the car some stupid color with ugly details. The guy had the right to do whatever he wanted with the car. You are just sad that he made the car less cool in the end. He ends up proving to everyone that it was the car that was cool and not him.


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