Talking about the constitution

News came yesterday that French Voters Rejected European Union Constitution. It looks like a set back for one of the prime super-states of the 21st Century. What does this mean for the future of Europe? How much of a set back is losing this vote? Will the French President be able to keep his job?

I am not an expert on this. I have been watching the European Union from very far away. Like a good blogger, that is not going to keep me from giving my option.

The European Union is on the brink of being an economic super power. Along with China and India, it is about to define business for the next 100 years. It has already shown the will and ability to effect corporate mergers. It has stopped several mergers that faced no opposition in the US, like Honeywell/GE. The overall European market is too valuable for companies to ignore. With the European Union was finding ways to harness that power.

The defeat of the constitution in France is a sign of weakness. One of the reasons it went down to defeat was the idea of the "Polish Plumber." It sounds like countries like France are unwilling to open up their labor market. They are afraid of people who are willing to work harder then them for less money.

Something this small might cripple the European Union. It might not be able to keep up with new economic powers like China and India. It will be interesting to see what happens to the European Union from here. Is there any change that would make the French electorate change their mind? Is this as far as The European Union can go?

EDIT: I edited my entry after comments from Silvia. I was too hard to say that the French are afraid of people who will work harder the them. I stand by the idea that the European Union faces trouble unless they can find a constitution the voters can vote for. This could bring the idea of a unified Europe to a halt.


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