Baseball and Me

I am just about finished reading Moneyball. I want to write my review of the book when I finish it. I want to admit to some things before I write my review. I feel that admitting these things will help my readers know where I am coming from.

1. After five years in the Bay Area, I am not a fan of the Bay Area teams.
I have never been able to take the Giants or the A's into my heart. I think it is because of Barry Bonds for the Giants and the A's broadcast team. I am not sure how many years I will have to live here before I can root for them.

2. The Phillies are still my team.
The Phillies are still my team. This comes from many things. I think that my love for the Phillies reflects my love of Philadelphia. I want good things to the city and for the team. Even when the Phillies are doing poorly I still root for them.

3. I would love to see the A's move to San Jose
For the past few years there has been talk of the A's moving to the South Bay. The idea is that the South Bay is a faster growing area that is starved for things to do. With the success of the Sharks (when the NHL was playing) It would be a good move for the A's to come down here from Oakland. I am all for that idea. I would love to have a baseball park close enough that I would not have to travel and hour to get there. I would go to a lot more games if I did not have to travel to

4. I love to read and talk about baseball as much as I like to watch it.
I think I can blame this on my family. My Mother and sister are Phillies fans. Talking about the Phillies is one of the ways I connect with them. It is also easy to talk to other baseball fans. Since everyone sees the game in their own way, there is a lot to talk about.

5. The speed of baseball is appealing to me.
Many people I know complain that baseball is too slow. They would rather watch football or basketball because there is more action. Baseball is boring because there is so much time between actions. I love baseball because it is relaxing. I love it because I can kick back and watch a game. I love it because it is not the speed of the rest of the things I have to deal with in my life. I want the things I enjoy to slowly unfold. I do now want them to be rushed by a clock.

PS. If anyone is looking for a birthday gift for me, I would love to see a game from a luxury box sometime.


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