Baseball Roadtrip

I have not decided on a baseball roadtrip for this year. I would really like to take one. I want to go see a game in a stadium that I have not been to before. St Louis is at the top of my list. This is the last year for old Busch Stadium. Next year they will have a new Busch Stadium. It is my chance to see one of the 70's cookie cutters before it goes away.

If I go it will be me driving across the mid-west to get to a baseball game. I have no doubt that I will be going alone. If I drive I could have the chance to stop in other cities. I could try to also catch games in Kansas City and Denver. Driving would also give me a chance to go to States I have never been to before.

I am not sure if this will happen or not. There are a few other things that need to unfold first. Until those things unfold some parts of my life will be on hold. Roadtrips is on of those parts of my life.

The list of baseball parks I have seen games in:
Veterans Stadium - Philadelphia
New Comisky Park - Chicago
Skydome - Toronto
Fulton County Stadium - Atlanta
Tiger Stadium - Detroit
Fenway Park - Boston
Camden Yards - Baltimore
Kingdome - Seattle
Oakland Coliseum
Pacific Bell Park (SBC Park) - San Francisco
Edison Field - Anaheim
Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego
Bank One Ballpark - Phoenix
Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia


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