Blogger Meetup Report naked bea arthur

Or Naked Bea Arthur rocks

I snuck out of a work event early last night to I could make it to the blogger meet up. I am so happy I did. Some one had to be there with the laptop. Someone had to be there to record the now classic Naked Bea. I would like to give a round of applause to Antwon and the Antwonettes (Hank, Jon, Elke, and Ealasaid)

This morning I could not remember how it all started. All I could remember is that I laughed myself to tears. I am happy that Elke remembered how Naked Be Arthur started. I know that we talked about a lot of other funny stuff also, but listening to this MP3 just blocked everything else out. I remember two other things.

1) I found the idea of much more disturbing then just I guess there is a whole idea of intent there
2) If you do a Google Image search for Naked Bea Arthur with Moderate SafeSearch on, you still find three images.

Silvia is most likely happy that she left before the song was recorded.

Listening to the recording again, I think that it is as close as we could come to recording a drug trip in recorded sound. Sadly, it is not a good drug trip. Tell me if you want the garage band files so you can do better.


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