Casual piracy Friday

I caught site of a story about casual piracy in the Mercury News this week. The story talks about how Sony BMG Music Entertainment want to copy protect all of its CDs by the end of the year. I cannot tell you how angry this makes me. It shows me that the record industry wants to kill the CD format.

This is another case of the music industry not understanding its customers. I cannot think of an industry that trusts it customers less. They want us to pay them money and to give us as little as they can. They make the airline industry look generous. This is a good way to chase away customers.

I will be looking for CDs that are not protected. I know that I love Bruce Springsteen and Ben Folds, but it looks like I will be buying music from the bands on Kill Rock Stars or K Records if everyone else's CDs are protected.

One thing I hate about the article is that it totally does not understand why Apple will not license FairPlay. They are doing this so they can move people toward the iTunes Music Store. If a CD I really want will not play on my computer, I will have to think about iTunes Music Store.

I wonder if copy protected CDs will be a good music services like Yahoo Unlimited and Rhapsody. If you are going to restrict what I can do with music, I might as well just use one of those services. I wonder what will happen to record labels if that is how people are getting their music. Can they generate enough if revinue if that is where all their money comes from. My guess is that they cannot. This move might be what kills CDs as a format.


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