Flickr, Flickr!

Or why hasn't anyone deleted GarageBand from Rich's iBook

Last night was the flickr meetup. This time there was actually Flickr people at the coffee shop and not just 9/11 conspiracy theorist. We had a good time. Courtneyp brought a couple of posters like the flickrverse . Jonchan, Klugarsh, lissabird, Kris247, Wirehead, and bjorke were all there.

  • We talked about the kinds of flickr games we could plan. I liked the idea of starting a Photo Tag group. The idea is that you would make someone "IT" by posting their picture. I guess that we would have to make rules. I wonder what a good base would be.
  • Bjorke reminded us that mobbing everyday people like the paparazzi would be harassment.
  • Wirehead liked the idea of a photo flashmob group. I thought it might be more efficient if we flashmob carpooled.
  • Wirehead also had the idea of Flickr Shenanigans. Every week someone would post a challenge.

    For the second meet up in a row we recorded a song. Even though Antwon is not on this recording is still by Antwon and the Antwonettes. Here is Our Flickr song. It is not as good as Naked Bea, but it has more production. The words were by Wirehead and Klugarsh is the human beatbox/camera shutter.
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