Reality Show changes reality

Sorry: I wrote this a few weeks ago, but I never published it.

The NPR show On the Media did a segment on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation version of Star Academy. The show is best discribed as American Idol meant Big Brother. The segment was talking about the impact this show was having in the Arab world. It is broadcast all over the Middle-East, just like Al jazeera. The show has been wildly popular with all kinds of demographics.

The show has caused an uproar in some circles. The show involves young men and women living in a house together while they train to be pop stars. There have been Fatwa's about the show. Of course this has made the show even more popular.

If you listen to the On the Media segement you will hear how the langauge of Star Academy influnced the Democracy in Lebanon back in Febuary. It is funny how something like a reality show can get intergrate into everyday life.

Being an American and living in the U.S. we rarely see cross-national events like this. We are not closely part of a Pan-anything community. We do not see culture spill over boarders around us. No one is piping their broadcasting here, we have more then enough being made here. I think this is a point of view that I need to remember.


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