The TV/Blog gap

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On Saturday KRON 4 TV threw a meetup for Bay Area bloggers. The idea comes from something that a TV station did in Nashville Tennessee. The station became a force in the Nashville Blog Community

Mark Antonitis, the station president and general manager, came out and spoke. He talked about building a relationship between his station and the San Francisco blogging community. He thinks it is an important relationship to build.

I was happy to hear him say that he did not know what the relationship would be like. There needs to be development before anyone knows what the relationship is. I would be worried if he already knew what he wanted to get out of bloggers.

I talked to him one-on-one for a little while. I talked to him about watching CNN and watching them read blogs on TV. I hate seeing this on TV. It is not journalism. He told me he agreed with me. He told me if you want blogs on TV you need bloggers on TV.

After this he proceeds to insult me. A women walks up who he had been speaking to earlier. The woman is attractive, in her late 30's, and stylishly dressed. He tells the woman he did not expect the bloggers to look like her. He points his thumb at me and said that he expected more techogeek types. Just want I want, to be pointed out as the Simpsons Comic-book guy.

Right now there are too many blog entries to read about this event. I meet a lot of blogger there. There is even a flickr group for the people involved. I am going to write another entry about the people I met there.


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