What I want as a blogger

I have been thinking about what I want as a blogger. This was sparked by the KRON Blogger Meetup. I have been thinking about what an organization like KRON can do to for me. I know that some of these things might already be happening, but I do not know about it. If they are happening I want someone to let me know.

  • Regular blogger conferences: I meet with other bloggers all the time, but we rarely talk about blogging. I did not talk about blogging that much at the KRON Meetup. I did not talk about what makes a good blog. I did not talk about what people want to see in blogs. I did not talk about what I can do to be a better blogger. I would go to a conference about any of these topics.

  • Recognize the different types of bloggers: I am a Personal blogger. I am not the same kind of blogger as Tantek, Clyde Smith, or Niall Kennedy. I am more like Dave Goodman or Elke. I do not want to made to feel like my blog is somehow less important because of what kind of blogger I am. I think it is important for different types of blogs out there. I do not programs and services that notice that my needs are different then bloggers with different types of blogs. I think that there are programs that would be interesting only to food blogs. I think it is still good to offer those programs.

  • Sponsor programs that put bloggers in touch with other bloggers: The best part of the meetup was meeting other bloggers. One of the problems with the KRON event was no Q&A. The problem is that not only do I want answers to my questions. I also want to know the questions that other bloggers have. Interacting with each other in the real world can change how we interact. I think this is the way to get a real community of bloggers.

  • Find ways to connect bloggers to news resources: There are lots of ways this can happen. There is not enough news programming to cover all the city events. If something is happening that you cannot cover, throw it out to the blogging community. If there is an event lots of bloggers are covering, help them cover it. If it is already covered, pick out the best coverage and highlight it.

  • Find bloggers that want to be journalist and help develop them: I do not want to be a pro, but many people would like to be a pro blogger. Reach out to those bloggers and see what can be done. Is there a partnership that can help both the station and the blogger?

    Is there other things that my readers think they would like to see?
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