My Favorite Duck

Above is a picture of Elke holding D. Arthur is from the Silicon Valley Blogger meetup. This is the first thing I did on my vacation. I really like the Silicon Valley Blogger meetup crowd. They are a great group of people to sit around and talk with.

We covered a lot of topics at the meetup; the duck was the center of attention. We even talked about blogging and podcasting. Usually, we would never cover anything having to do with blogging. Here are some things we talked about:

  • Who do we write our blogs for?
    Hank: I write for people who don't know me;there's always a chance I can impress them.
    Me: I know my audience are the bloggers I personally know.

  • How do we Flickr tag pictures of people taking pictures?
    Courtney: metaphoto
    Me: photosofphotographers

  • Hank: SLR cameras are like Barbie Dolls. You spend all your money on the accessories.

  • Me: Good podcasts are like good songs. They should both be under 5 minutes.
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