The New American Religion

I have been watching the Situation with Tucker Carlson at work lately. Carlson is a bit of a goof-ball. The show is okay, but it really just about his opinion. The show could be a lot better. They do not spend enough time on each topic. He did say something that really caught my ear.

CARLSON: I think that's totally rational. But as a country, as the country becomes less religious, it replaces traditional religion with health. We worship physical health. And so in place of the traditional sins, we have sins against the body. And smoking is the key one.

When I first heard this I thought it was a amazing idea. I have friends who thing smoking is a sin. I also know people who think fat people are morally deficient.

After I thought about it I came to a different realization. No matter what people think about religion, humans are innately moral. We want codes set up to tell us what is right and wrong. Even if people move away from traditional religions, they are always going to find something to build that code around. People build the code around health, politics, social values, sexuality, or anything you can think about.

This means even if you can get away from religion you can not get away from people looking down at you. I think this is something you will always have with human beings. We are always willing to group together and look down at people not in our group. The real question is how many laws should we make to effect the people we look down upon?


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