Travelblogue: caveman robot and other comics

caveman robot
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I always bring back too mush stuff from Comic Con. I could have spent $1000 if I had it. I wanted to buy things from a lot of artists. I wish I had the money to support everyone. I had to limit it somewhere. Maybe I had to find a way that people will give me stuff for free. Here is a list of things I came home with.

Gun Fu - Howard M. Shum and Joey Mason
Bob the Angry Flower - The Ultimate Book of Perfect Energy - Stephen Notley
Supreme Power
Caveman Robot
It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken - Seth
Powers - 3 & 4
WJHC - Hold On Tight
Amelia Rules #13
Amelia Rules Origional Art
Cool Jerk
(Th)ink - Red, White, Black, & Blue - Keith Knight

Early American Chrononauts

Lunch Money
Lunch Money - Sticks and Stones

Suicide Club

Serenity Soundtrack Sampler


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