Travelblogue: Notes from San Diego

Notes from the road

You can check out photos from Comic Con and the rest of my trip.

  • It is not a trip to San Diego without a stop at World Curry.
  • I love the beach. I should really take try to go more often.
  • San Diego seems to stay the same and I seem to change.

  • Comic Con is so much bigger then the last time I was here. I think the floor was half this big in 2002.
  • The inflatable Conan Sword is the best swag of the show. Second are the Sci-Fi Channels mints

  • Somehow Preview night, which starts at 6 PM, ate up my whole day.
  • The Convention was lousy with Jedi and sith. Everyone with a brown robe or a leather vest came to the show with a lightsaber.
  • I went to a baseball game at Petco Park. Like most of my baseball roadtrips, the road team won.
  • Jim and I hung out late eating dinner. I love knowing people who I can pick up with them like no time has passed.

  • There seem to be few panels worth seeing this year.
  • I bought way too many comic books today. It seems to happen when I come here.
  • I am surprised how easy it is to get people to let me take pictures of their Tattoos. I would have thought people would be more suspicious.

  • The Serenity panel was the worst panel ever. There was nothing interesting said. There were no good questions. There was no reason to see them talk.
  • The only thing interesting about the Stargate SG-1 panel was Ben Browder.
  • Jim and Karen's twins are just amazing.
  • Saturday is the most crowded day at Comic Con. There were times that I was in total traffic jams on the floor. It was nice for people watching, but not good for much else.
  • I was able to get two pictures of me beating up storm troopers

  • According to my car's Thermo said it was 104 in Grapevine and 113 in the central valley. That is really how.
  • Every time I drive through Los Angeles I listen to Pavements Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.
  • I am so happy I chose to drive home on Sunday.
  • It was hazy driving through Los Angeles both directions.
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