Travelblogue: Vacation Notes

  • My Favorite thing I saw today was a man on a motorcycle in a full skid suit. The woman riding on the back of his bike was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. I hope that is not his wife.
  • I know that often I think of the middle of Califorina as a big empty place that I need to drive pass so I can get to Las Angeles and San Diego. Being here makes me think something different.

  • Wow, Dreamgirl really does not like tourists. I guess I would feel that way if I lived in a tourist town.
  • I love going to the ocean for vacation because the air feels different.
  • Carmel Valley is nothing like the Bay Area.
  • Called Dad from Dreamgirl's house because today was his first day back at the house
  • Dreamgirl cooked dinner for me and her parents.

  • Drove down to Bir Sur with Dreamgirl. She is one of the few people on the planet who thinks Highway 1 and the band Pavement are romantic together.
  • A perfect day is a scenic drive, Dreamgirl, great weather, ice cream, and good music all together.
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