Google Video

After using Google Video for an hour it got me started thinking about Max Headroom. I loved Max Headroom because of the world it was set in. While Max Headroom had predictions about Television and communication that were wrong, it still had lots of interesting ideas. Max Headroom was about Control verse Truth. Edison Carter was all about reporting what was really going on. The network and other power structures were about reporting what was good for them.

This made me wonder what would I do if I was going make the Max Headroom for Google Video and the internet. How does control change when access to the broadcast channel changes? How do you get people to agree with you when everyone has a say?

I think that the Max Headroom for Google Video would be about the Noise Machine. Google Video will be about completing messages. I think that some people will just flood the world with messages. The more voices out there, the harder it will be to tell who is telling the truth. People will choose to believe whoever confirms their view of the world. The fewer people paying attention to the truth, the easier time the Noise Machines will have.

I am not sure how to tell the truth about media now. I know it is hard. I have to trust that enough media outlets are examining each other. I know that is not always enough. This will become much harder in a world where Google Video is a major media outlet.


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