New Use for an old blog

The Doors
Originally uploaded by Rodrigo Rempel.

Through the whole life of Super Karate Monkey Fist it has been starting and stopping. It has been my other blog where I have tired to do things that do not fit into Sad Salvation. It has been a Song of the day blog, a place I have warehoused photos, a review blog, and a media blog. Most of these ideas do not last long. I would do them for a few weeks and get bored. Most of the time I would not do them because it was taking away from my time to write Sad Salvation.

I have restarted Super Karate Monkey Fist again. It is now an "other people's photoblog." Since Flickr has a feature that will allow me to blog other people's photos, I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of that feature. There are so many good photos on Flickr. I have a lot to say about the photos I find there.

There are so many good photos on Flickr. People are taking pictures of so many cool things. I can spend hours just looking at other people's pictures. I feel like I am being let in on what is going on in the rest of the world. Flickr holds all these lives and I am free to look at them. I think it is cool that I can take those pictures and write about them. I just hope that I have enough to say about the pictures I am seeing.


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