I have to applaud all those people in Toronto who survived the crash of Air France flight 358. I know that survival is the most basic of all human instincts. It seems strange to congratulate people on just surviving. Surviving is something that people should just do.

I felt uplifted when I heard there was a plane crash where all the passengers survived. I think it was the kind of news that the world needed just about know. Most people like to hear stories of people surviving something like this. We like to see the flaming wreck and being told no one died. It proves us that there is hope. If those people can survive that, I can cleary get through my life.

I have to give my praise to the crew of that plane. You do not get of a plane in under two minutes without the crew doing a good job. This is one of the reasons I respect airplane crews so much. Most of the time they seem like waitstaff in the sky, but when something bad happens they are going to be the difference between life and death.

This crash is why I think about airplane safety. I always make sure I fly in long pants and good shoes. I want to make sure I can get off the plane no matter how it lands. If I meet someone who lived through something like this, I would resect their ability to survive.


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