Take me out to the ball game

Section CL234 Row I Seat 1
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Yesterday I went to the Giants v. Phillies game with Fling93. It was my idea to go to the game. I try to see the Phillies every time they are in town. I do not go to many games every season, so I might as well make sure I see my team.

Fling93 and I sat in Antwon's seats on the Club Level. I have seen about 40 games at SBC Park. Sitting in the Club Level is still different then anywhere else in the park. It feels like I am at a luxury hotel, not a baseball game. There is something wrong about walking around on carpet at a baseball game. The seat are nice, but the club level does not have the same energy. People always seem more sedate. I got dirty looks a couple of times for rooting for the Phillies. That has never happened to be before at SBC Park.

I love the Phillies, but the problem is that they tend to lose every time they are in town. The lose every time I pay to see them. In the 10 games I have seen the Phillies play in California (8 in San Francisco, 1 in San Diego, 1 in Oakland) they have only won once. I am starting to wonder if I am the person causing them to lose. They also might be losing to spite me.

I still had a good time at the game. I always feel lucky when I get the chance to go to a baseball game. It is a great way to spend a night, even if my team loses.


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