I have been checking out Rocketboom lately. Many people are calling this the best video blog. It does a lot of things right. It is short, quick passed, and daily. Running between 3 and 5 minutes and episode always worth watching.

There is a a lot of buzz about video blogs right now. It seems that a lot of people think that video is the next big frontier on the web. Lots of people would like to put television as we know it on a death watch. Those people want to point to programs like Rocketboom as the beginning of television on the web.

Rocketboom is very good at what it does. The only problem is that the shows are about web culture. As the shows are right now it cannot get a huge audience. It is cool to see all this internet culture in video. I just wonder where it will go. I can see the artistic team behind Rocketboom doing a deal with Comedy Central, but that would make it regular TV.


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