Harvey Danger Gives it Away

I downloaded the new Harvey Danger album Little By Little from their web site. (File this under: another legal use of BitTorrent) I am one of the few people who paid full price for both the first and second Harvey Danger CDs. I have been a fan ever since I first heard them. You may remember them from their hit Flagpole Sitta. It was in the TV commercial for the movie Disturbing Behavior.

They posted why they are giving their album away. It is an interesting read. I think they are pretty brave just giving their album away. It is the kind of innovation that the record industry is not known for. They are taking a risk hoping it will pay off.

I wonder if Harvey Danger is giving the middle finger to the record industry. I have read a lot during the file-sharing era. One of thing is that most musicians do not make a living off selling CDs. They make a living from touring. If that is the case Harvey Danger just made a great choice. If they give their music away it is easier to get people to spend their money to see them live.

I hope that Harvey Danger starts a new trend. I hope that more bands seen it worth while to give their music away. I am not talking about giving away everything that is recorded. I am talking about giving away enough music so fans feel like there is a relationship with the band. I think Harvey Danger is finding a way to get the internet to work for them.


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