Mixtape the Novel

I know what I am writing for my NaNoWriMo novel. I am writing Mixtape: The Novel. The idea is that a man is sent a mix tape from his past. He is compelled to figure out who sent him the mix tape. The man goes through his life connecting his past to his present.

If you have ideas for mix tapes that should be in this novel, please tell me. I am working up mix tapes for different phases of the main character's life. The late 80's first girlfriend mix is a lot harder then I remember.

There are a number of tapes that I cannot really make. There are many cheese songs from the 70's and 80's that I do not own. If I want to be realistic, some of the mixes will need cheesy songs.

I would like to call my writing fantasy writing. It is not fantasy in the way that books with dragons, magic, and armor are fantasy. They are fantasy like the daydreams that we all have. My novels are more interesting versions of my own life. They are thinking about what would happen if things were different.

I am not sure when Witches and Fairies took the genre title of fantasy under control. I would think that most fiction is a fantasy.


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