Nano Ideas

I have no idea what to write this year. I was thinking about writing a novel about Nanowrimo this year. I do not think that will work as well because I will not be here for the full month. It would be easier if I was here. I know that I could get a lot of material from just hanging around.

I have a few old ideas, but none of them really stick out as being great. I could write about a man who figures out that he is no good at what he loves doing. It would be a story of a many thrashing around in his life. That has an appeal to me, but I worry that any story like that wou ld not be fun to write. This year I am not trying to wallow in my bad feelings. I want to write something more fun.

I am not sure what something really fun would be. I am not sure how to write straight comedy. I am not sure I have any ideas, even bad ones, that would support being funny.

I think my real problem is that I do not read enough. I have had a hard time reading over the past few years. My attention span has just not been there. Whenever I pick up a book I seem to put it right down again. I am not sure why this is. For some reason I have not been able to silence my mind enough to read.


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