My e-mail is a desert

My e-mail box has been feeling empty lately. I still get e-mail. Most of the non-spam that shows up in my e-mail box are party invites, calendar reminders, mailing list entries, and short notes providing very specific information. These things make e-mail a useful tool, but it does not give e-mail the lifeline feeling that it used to have.

E-mail used to be exciting. Every morning I used to look forward to reading my e-mail first thing. I used to get lots of e-mail that was fun to read. I used to keep up serious e-mail correspondence with a dozen or more people. At this time e-mail was like sending letters to people. I used to get e-mails that were interesting and fun to read. I rarely get e-mail like this any more.

I know that I am partly to blame for this. When I started reading and writing e-mail for my job, I no longer wanted to come home and work on e-mail. It usually takes me four or more days to answer a decent e-mail. Most of the time that e-mail goes unanswered. I get long e-mail from people and never get back to them. I want to get back to them, but it falls out of my mental space before I even get started.

I know that my blog has something to do with e-mail being less important to me. It is hard to write something both for Sad Salvation and in a meaningful e-mail. It is hard to know which of my friends are reading my blog. I do not want to bore them by writing too much or too little because I assume what they have already read.

I want to know if e-mail has changed for other people too. I want to know if this is just me. Are my friends still writing e-mails that resemble real correspondence? Is e-mail still important to people or is it just messaging?


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