Strange NaNoWriMo Feeling

This year feels different then the past two years. It might feel different because I do not expect to finish. It might feel different because I did start the project with a very well developed idea. It might be because it is so hard to remember what it was like before. It might also be because do not do this often enough that I am enable to reproduce the experience from year to year.

This year it does not feel like I am writing a novel. I have this sense that I will not have a word of useable text when I am done. I feel that I am just writing 50,000 words worth of pre-writing. I feel that I will have a story when I am finished, but that story will have to be told in a totally different way then I understand now.

It is a strange feeling that I am writing something that will be useful, but will not be the text that anyone will end up seeing. Even if this is not a first draft, it is totally worth doing. I think there is something super useful in approaching the novel this way. I am not going to get discouraged at the way my writing feels right now. The point is really to just get things down on the page. As long as I am writing, I am headed in the right direction.


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