travel-blogue Day 1 Part 3

Pizza Toppings

I spent the flight from San Jose to Houston talking to a Muslim man named Ashraf. We spent much of the flight talking about Islam. He told me that I did not ask him the questions that most people ask him. I think he was trying to convert me.

He told me that his family owns some pizza places in San Francisco, Nizario’s Pizza. He said that they do not sell any pork toppings at the pizza places. The sausage and the pepperoni are both turkey. He says that I would not be able too tell the difference. He said that back in the 80’s they went to the disturber with the idea and now it is one of the best sellers in the San Francisco bay area. I find this to be an interesting idea.

Has anyone have had pizza from these places? Does anyone know if his or her favorite pizza place uses turkey sausage or pepperoni?


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