Travel-Blogue Day 12


On my way out to visit Jim and Karen I drove through Millersville. I knew that I had to time to kill on my way to see them. Driving through Millersville let me use just the right amount of time.

In part it was a challenge to know if I still knew how to get there. I have not been back there in 8 years. I was wondering if any the roads had changed. I had read about the huge population growth in Lancaster Country. I did not know if any of that growth was a round Millersville.

What amazed me was how little Millersville has changed. From the Moment I got onto Rohrerstown Road (PA Rt 741) All the way to getting to the campus, just about nothing has changed. It was strange to see so little change in these places. I would have expected more change in a place that had seen so much growth.

I drove around campus for a little while. It was odd to be there on Thanksgiving Saturday. There was no one on campus. It truly felt like a ghost town. I liked the feeling. When I picture the streets of Millersville in my head they are also empty.

I noticed the changes I drove though campus. Some of the classroom buildings have been expanded. There is a new dorm building. The ‘tundra’ is now filled with apartment buildings. For the most part there were few changes. It looked the same as it did while I was there.

I stood at the corner of George Street and Fredrick Street on the center of campus. It struck me that I felt nothing for this place. I know that it is us who hold the imprint of the place and not the other way around. A location holds no memory of who was there before. I did not change the landscape.

When I am in Warminster, Hatboro, or Philadelphia, I feel a connection to these places. I can still feel my past around me. I feel these places as I am there. I felt none of these things as I was in Millersville. I felt like everything about this place was behind me.

I talked to Jim and Karen about this when I got to their house. They are the only two people from college I have talked to in years. They said that they understood the feeling. They went to homecoming a couple of years ago and felt much the same way.

When I talked to Jim and Karen we spent very little time talking about the good old days. We spent our time talking about our lives now. My friendship with them started in college but is has kept up after that. I know that I have only seen them a handful of times in the last decade, but our friendship had progressed.

I am not sure I will ever go back to Millersville again. I only went back this time because I plan to have my National Novel Writing Month Novel go through there. I do not need to go back there again. I know I have said this in the past, but once again I know it is true.


It sucks to be sick on vacation. I have been fighting a cold since Wednesday. The last two days were the worst. It is hard to visit people had be coughing all the time. Today I am feeling better. I just want to stop blowing my nose all the time.


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