travel-blogue Day 3

Great Overheard Quotes

“That makes me almost ashamed to tell you what my son does. His is a chemist and he makes the filling for Pop-tarts.”

The Cold

This morning was cold. It was cold enough that there was ice on the sidewalk. It is never this cold in San Jose. When I packed my coat, it was still where I put it two years ago when I moved into my new apartment. I never need my winter coat in San Jose.

I miss this cold. It is not so cold where I am freezing, but I still need a coat. There is something about cold weather that makes you know you are alive. It is just cold enough to make you like warming up. Some times walking around San Jose I wish it would be this cold. Looking at Christmas decorations above freezing is just not the same.

When I was lonely I would want it to be cold because it fits that mood. There is something about walking down a cold street that shows you just how alone you are in the world. Now that I have Dreamgirl I want it to be cold so we can warm each other up. There is something special about sharing your body heat with someone else.

The Hairdresser

I am at my mother’s hairdresser to get a haircut. The name of the shop is Creative Impressions. My mother has gone to the hairdresser every Friday for my whole life. It was the one luxury that my mother indulged in. My mother deserved it raising eight kids.

There is a real beauty shop culture there. She would always see the same women other week. They all know each other’s children and families. It has always been an important social scene for my mother. It is interesting to see all the women at the shop. They are all around my mother’s age. They all look so happy to be at the hairdresser. I wonder how many of them have been going there as long as my mother.

My mother’s hairdresser loves my hair. The last time she cut my hair she just gushed about it. Dreamgirl likes my hair long. I have to get it cut for the anniversary party. It is a little too messy to let it be. I hope that Dreamgirl is not too upset when she sees my hair next.


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