Travel-blogue Day 5

Travel Notes
-Flickr is not as fun with dial-up
-Being around a lot of kids all day is tiring.

Knowing People

I went to a deli on Saturday for the party. I keep on seeing people that look vaguely familiar. I keep expect to run into people I know from the past. I expect to see some I went to high school with or the parents of old friends. This never happens, but I keep on expecting it to happen.

I think I might be wishing for this to happen. I usually want to know what happened to people that I do not know anymore. I find it interesting to learn what happened to the people I used to know. I do not think about these people often, but being here makes me wonder what happened to them.

I keep on seeing people in public making Philadelphia / Philadelphia Suburbs mannerism. I always take note when I see one of these things. I like to remember the things that are different here compared to San Jose and Silicon Valley. I guess I like the feeling that where I am from is different then where I am.

Blogging on Vacation

Dreamgirl asked me how do I have so much time to write when I am visiting with my family. I have been updating my blog everyday and working on my novel. She said that she would not be able to find the time if she was visiting people she does not see very often. Here are my tips for people who are trying to write while they are visiting family.

1) Use spare moments when they come up. Often I am waiting for other people do to things. I might be dressed to go out before everyone else. I might have to wait for someone else to get to my parents house before we can leave. When this happens I crack open my laptop and write some words. I tried to get what every I have been thinking about. I am always coming up with ideas. Some times I can capture the idea in just a few minutes.

There are usually a lot of gaps between events when I come home. I know that I could use that time to talk to the people around, but I am already talking to them a lot. I am here for two weeks. I am worried about saying the same things over and over again.

2) When I am visiting my family, I am usually the only person on vacation. Everyone else has to live their day-to-day lives. They need to go to work, run errands, and generally get things done. Often I have to give people time to get things done so we can hang out. This makes more time for me to write. You have to be able to use the time you have to yourself.

3) My Friends in this area tent to have families. I used to go out to the bars every night when I visited Warminster. I would call up one of my friends after the family festivities ended for the evening. Now these people have families. They cannot afford to stay up all hours of the night. This means I see my friends less then I used to. This also means I have more time to write.

4) I tend to stay up late when I visit my family. My parents are 70-something. My nephew and niece are preschool age. This leads to lots of people going to bed early. I like to try to stay on a west coast schedule. I do not like to go to sleep before 2 AM eastern time. Because of point 2, I often have time to sleep in. I am usually at my best at the end of the day and not at the beginning.

If you work at it you can always find time to write. It is hard to set aside time to write here because I am here to see my family and friends. It is easier to set down and write when I find cracks in the schedule because I really do not have anything else to do. I think it is important to find those cracks and fill them in.


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