The Value of Music

I was talking with Eric about the whole Sony Copy Protection debacle. I am not so surprised that Sony relented so quickly. This is the not the first time a record company has given up on a copy protection technology. It looks like Apple was smart to not license Fair Play.

The reason that record companies want to put copy production on CDs is because they want to protect their $14.99. The record companies want to make sure that as many people as possible pay that $14.99. The problem is that the record companies do not know what their customers expect to get for that $14.99.

If the record companies want to restrict what can be done with a CD, they should lower the price. If the new Sony CDs were $3 or $4 with copy protection, there would have been much less backlash. For $14.99 I want to be able to make unlimited copies, make MP3s of the songs, and put the songs on as many mixes as I like. Many people think what I am asking for is within fair use.

There would be a problem with this copy protection because hackers could exploit it. I do not want to install any thing on my computer that I do not control. This is one of the reasons that there was so much backlash.

I know if anyone from a record company reads this entry they would tell me that I am out of my mind. They would tell me that I want too much and that I do not understand what I have the right to do. I would tell them that they do not understand their customers. If they did understand their customers they would give us more. They would let us do what we want with their product. If they did let the customers do want they want with the product they would sell more product. The problem is that they do not want to treat us like customers.

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