iTunes just took a dump on me. The iTunes library file just died. The reason iTunes is so powerful is because it has a database on the back end. In that database file are all of the star ratings, playcounts, and playlists. It is cool when that file is working correctly. If it get corrupted everything is lost.

I back up my music all the time. I always make sure that I do not loose any music. The problem is that I have not backed up my iTunes library file ever. I had forgot about the library file taking a dump. This means I have thousands of songs and it looks like I have never listened to any of them.

I had already finished my best of 2005 mixes. Now I have to remake them. I have to figure out what I put on thos mixes. This sounds easier than it is. I have thousands of files to look through. I think that it is going to take me a couple of weeks to figure out what should be on my 2005 mix.


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